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Disclaimer: FAQ


If you use the information and downloads on this website you are agreeing to the legal terms and conditions outlined on this website. Furthermore, the information and downloads on this website are subparts of a larger CBT programme and are not intended to be used in a ‘self-help’ manner by individuals who are not and have not been in a therapeutic contract with the owner of the works. Furthermore, the downloads on this website are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment and are not intended to be. If you have a medical emergency you should contact a physician or healthcare professional. The owner of the information and downloads on this website is not responsible for any outcome of using the materials if the materials are used without prior permissions. If using the materials on this website you are assuming responsibility for any outcome and agreeing that the author is not responsible for such outcome. You are acknowledging that the information and downloads on this website are intended for individuals who have been in a professional contract with the owner of the works. The downloads are for information purposes only.

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